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Rave App

The Rave app allows users to simultaneously talk with friends while watching a wide selection of top Television shows and movies on well-known streaming services. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Rave was created by a team of entrepreneurs out of Philadelphia who were looking for the best way to watch entertainment with their friends and family without having to deal with any extra costs or technical issues. The app allows users to connect via Bluetooth so they can speak at the same time, while also accessing shared lists of movies and TV shows from popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO and Amazon Instant Video.

Users can also create their own shared lists of titles, making it easy for groups to watch whatever they want at the same time. The Rave app also provides the users the ability to share their preferred videos to Google Drive for a global movie experience. The app also allows users to mute their phone while still being able to talk with others, helping them save on data costs while watching entertainment together.

About Rave App

The Rave app was launched in August 2015, and has since been downloaded over millions of times by Android and iOS users around the world. The company behind Rave is based out of Philadelphia and backed by investors from Comcast Ventures, TechStars and more.

Rave was created by Justin Sehn, Andrew Kiefer, Eric Hopper and Zachary Johnson in March 2015. The four founders met at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Before creating Rave, Johnson had worked on a similar app called TalkBack which allowed users to talk with others while watching entertainment on their phones.

After graduating from Wharton, the team decided that they wanted to make something that would solve this problem for everyone, and Rave was born. The app is designed to help users watch Television shows, movies, sports and more with their friends and family with the help of Bluetooth.

Rave has been featured in many news outlets around the world since it launched in August 2015. Some of these include the prestigious title of the “Most Innovative Companies in Philadelphia” by The Inquirer in 2016. The company has also been featured on many lists of best apps for streaming Television shows and movies, including TechCrunch’s “Best Apps for Streaming Movies & TV”.

In 2017, Rave launched a new version of their app that would allow users to watch live TV together at the same time. This feature is currently only available for iOS devices, but the company is working on developing an Android version as well. Rave allows users to connect via Bluetooth and stream live TV shows, movies or sports at no additional cost. Users can even find new content, watch trending movies with friends, listen to music, and binge the hottest TV shows. It is made available on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Install Rave on Android TV

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