Power Director APK

Power Director APK

This is an app that will be more useful while making movies. Actually, from this app you can make fantastic movies with college. Also you could make cool videos just for a second. If you haven’t tried it, this is the time you have to try it. Actually from here you are able to make the videos on professional levels. Also from within a short period of time. That means you can quickly make such videos. So I can tell you this is a perfect editing app for all of us. 

  Also from here you could create cinematic videos. You can clip the other videos into your collection. If you want to insert romantic capture or adventurous capture you can do that easily. So now you could get a brief idea about the above power director apk. So this is not a normal app. There are special features included here. 

Features of the Power Director APK

  • Allowed you to make many kinds of videos 
  • Capable of inserting your desired capture 
  • Have a simple interface 
  • Many kinds of editing tools in here 
  • Those editing tools are updated continuously 
  • You will find more videos here those are having more features than you ever know 
  • Having fast performance of this app 
  • You can create high-quality videos
  • The editing from such app is very funny 
  • The above app updated automatically 
  • You can increase your ability in creativity as well as the imagination 

So the above are the most significant characteristics in the above app. But except for the above, you could find some developed features of the power director. Can we see those features even? 

  • All videos will be made up of the resolutions of the 4K. Even those may be allowed to export and edit. 
  • You can adjust the speed of the video. So you can make the slow-motion and even fast forward modes 
  • Video stabilizer is another feature 
  • You can replace the background with a green screen editor. That is occupied by the chroma key
  • Various blending modes are here 
  • You can upload directly to social media like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. 

Also there are many specific tools of editing here. Shall we see what those specific tools are? 

Editing Tools of Power Director for Android 

Power Director APK Android
  • Rotate and trimming 
  • Controlling the brightness and the saturation 
  • Dragging and dropping 
  • You can connect videos and pictures where you like 
  • You can add text for the videos 
  • You could add voice records 
  • You can use more templates. There are about 100 of templates 
  • Background music and sounds can be added too

So really useful features are in the above. Except for the above, we will pay our attention to some more. 

  This is an add a free app. There are exclusive offers of this app. If you haven’t tried the above app this is the time for it. If you have a premium subscription, that is billing annually. If you have purchased this app once you can’t wait for refunds. 

  You can see the following updates from the above app. Those are, 

  • You could see a new updated interface from here 
  • The existed bugs have fixed now
  • The improvement of the performance 
  •  Can create the new formats of videos 

Download Power Director APK

You can download latest version of this app for free using AC Market or Aptoide APK. Instead of direct downloading APK file it is always safe to download from third party app stores. Because it ensure you will get latest version and receive automatic updates. So no need to update manually.

FAQs of Power Director App

What is the size of this app?
This is about 42.78 MB sized apps 

Is this a free app?
You have to purchase the items for about 1$-32$.

Are there any ads?
Yes, there are some ads. Those ads are created by the app developer. 

Try this app today. Then you can see those features.

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