JioSaavn – Music & Podcasts App


Users of the well-known music streaming app JioSaavn – Music & Podcasts get access to a huge selection of music and podcasts from all over the world. Saavn Media Limited, an Indian business established in 2007, is the app’s owner. JioSaavn is considered to be one of the top music streaming services in India with over 100 million downloads across platforms, and its app is easily accessible using your Android TV or Fire TV. In app purchases are also included in the application.

Features of JioSaavn Music App

The JioSaavn app’s extensive music library, which has more than 50 million songs in a wide┬ávariety of languages and genres, is one of its key attractions. Users can browse through curated playlists and tailored suggestions based on their listening history or search for specific songs, albums, or artists. The app also offers a variety of podcasts in many languages that cover subjects including news, entertainment, and sports. The JioSaavn app’s seamless integration with the Jio network, which offers unique features like ad-free high-quality music streaming, free caller tunes, and live radio, is another important aspect.

The JioSaavn app’s interaction with social media sites is one of its distinctive features. To share their music tastes and activities with their friends, users can link their JioSaavn accounts to their Facebook or Google accounts. Users can also follow the curators, influencers, and artists they love to find fresh playlists and songs. For those who enjoy music, JioSaavn also provides a variety of options to improve their listening experience. For instance, the app has a built-in equalization that enables users to customize the sound settings to suit their tastes. In addition, users have the option to download music and playlists for offline listening, which is helpful for times when there is a lack of internet availability.

How the app works

The JioSaavn app uses an algorithm to create personalized suggestions based on the user’s listening history, favorite songs, and playlists. This implies that the recommendations get better the longer a user uses the program to listen to music. A component of the app called “Radio” allows users to choose a song or artist, and the app will create a playlist of related songs based on their prior listening habits. The app offers consumers a distinctive musical experience by including exclusive material such as original shows, concerts, and artist interviews. The app also provides a variety of subscription choices, including a free edition with commercials and a paid version without ads that has extra features like unlimited offline downloads and exclusive access.


In conclusion, the JioSaavn app is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a complete music streaming and podcasting platform. The app has become a very popular destination for music fans in India and all across the world because to its extensive music library, tailored recommendations, social features, and unique content. If you haven’t already, download the JioSaavn app now using Aptoide TV to explore the vast selection of music and podcasts the service offers.