Auto Stamper App

Auto Stamper Android

If you’re a photography enthusiast who enjoys using a cell phone camera to capture memories the Auto Stamper App is the perfect choice for you. This capable camera app provides a variety of useful features that can improve your images and give them an extra distinctive touch. This unique application was designed by GPS Map Camera in the year 2019 and has garnered significant popularity over the years. The app also goes through updates on a regular basis to ensure users receive the best experience.

Capture colorful beautiful photos using your Android camera app or using third-party camera apps like B612, YouCam perfect and etc. Then use this stamper to add your water mark. Below shows some of the main features of this camera app.

Features of Auto Stamper Apk

You can automatically date and time stamp your pictures using the Auto Stamper app. When you want to record significant moments and need to keep track of the precise date and time the photo was shot, this function is quite helpful. The date and time stamp feature makes sure that you can always remember the precise minute the picture was shot, whether you’re photographing a gorgeous sunset, a family gathering, or a memorable event. You can also add GPS location stamps to your images with the Auto Stamper software. This function automatically adds the specific location coordinates (latitude and longitude) of where the photo was shot by utilizing the GPS capabilities of your smartphone. Travel aficionados or others who want to recall the exact spot would highly appreciate this feature of the app.

A variety of customizable stamp formats are also available on the app. To meet your own preferences, a variety of font styles, colors, and sizes are available. Additionally, you can alter the stamp’s placement on the image, enabling you to put it somewhere that doesn’t hinder the image’s main subject. Your stamped images will seem professional and unique with this level of personalization.  Stamping numerous photographs at once is simple with the Auto Stamper app. With just a few clicks, you can quickly apply the date, time, and location stamps to a group of pictures you’ve chosen from your gallery. When you want to stamp the same information on several images, this is really convenient and will save you a ton of time.

In addition, you can alter your photographs’ Exif data using Auto Stamper. Exif data contains details about the manufacturer and model of the camera, the exposure settings, the focal length, and other things. By using this tool, you can modify the Exif metadata to your liking or add more details to your photos. The Auto Stamper app is also equipped with a straightforward user interface that is simple to use and understand. The application provides a fluid user experience, enabling you to easily and rapidly add stamps and edit Exif data to your photographs.


As a powerful camera app, the Auto Stamper app by GPS Map Camera offers many advanced features for its users. Auto Stamper offers customers a complete collection of tools to improve their images and make them even more remarkable. These capabilities range from date and time stamps, GPS location stamps, customized stamp formats and Exif data manipulation.